6 Reasons to Purchase a Screen Door This Year

When fall and winter roll around, many of us like to spend our time enjoying the much-needed break from the intense summer heat. This is the time of year where we leave the windows open to let in the cool fall air into our homes. If you have a screen door, you can leave your door open to further enjoy the beautiful weather. If your home did not come with a screen door already installed, you should consider installing one yourself. A screen door is a welcomed addition to any home. Here are six reasons you should purchase a screen door for your home this year.

  • They Come in Many Different Options

If the thought of installing an entire screen door sounds expensive, you are not entirely wrong. While definitely worthwhile, a full screen door installation can be pricey. The good news is that you can find screen door options in a variety of different styles and price points. They all have different methods of installation that require different amounts of effort. You can find screen doors that require a full frame and notch installation, or you can find a simple mesh screen door that will Velcro over your existing threshold. No matter which option you choose, your home will feel instantly more dynamic with this simple upgrade.

  • Enjoy Fresh Air Indoors

The number one and most obvious reason to install a screen door is so you can enjoy the outside air inside your home. When the weather is beautiful, but you have tasks to complete inside the home, a screen door will give you the best of both worlds. This way you can do your chores while basking in the fresh outside air.

  • Keeps Bugs and Pests Out

A screen door is exactly what you need to let the fresh air into your home and nothing more. Bugs and pests are not able to get through the mesh on your screen door so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted critters wandering into your home. Because while it is nice to let some of the outside in, you shouldn’t have to worry about inviting every part of the outdoors into your home.

  • Added Safety for Homes with Children or Pets

Pets and children have a tendency to run towards an open door when they hear the doorbell ring. Installing a screen door helps to add an extra layer of protection to your entryway. This way you can greet a guest at your door without having to open the entire door. This is especially convenient for those who have cats or dogs that like to bolt out the front door as soon as it opens.

  • Lower Your Energy Bills

During certain months of the year, and depending on where you live, being able to cool your home naturally can help you save on air conditioning costs. In addition to naturally cooling your home, screen doors add an extra layer of shade which will keep your home cooler in the summer months. Then in the winter, the screen door adds an extra layer of insulation to help keep the heat in. This can result in lower energy costs throughout the year making the installation of a screen door a worthwhile investment.

  • Added Layer of Security

While a screen door may not seem like the most foolproof way to keep any home intruders away, they actually do more than you may think. Many screen doors come with locks which will add an extra obstacle for any home invaders to get through, making your home a less desirable choice for unsavory activity. If security is a major concern of yours, you can find screen doors designed specifically with security in mind. These are typically made from heavy duty metal and cut-proof screening. Even the doors made with these heavier materials will still allow light and air to get through like a traditional mesh screen would.

Installing a Screen Door in Your Home

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should purchase a screen door for your home. The added security, ability to lower your electric bill and the ability to enjoy the outdoor air are what make screen doors appealing. Try out a Velcro mesh door if you are skeptical before installing something more permanent. And because screen doors are desirable additions to any home, a more permanent installation option can increase the value and appeal of your home. Try out a screen door on your home today.

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