Press Play: Trophie – Angel Wings ft EDWARD(我)


Future-pop artist Trophie shares the new single and video ‘Angel Wings (Featuring EDWARD(我))’. The track follows ‘Vampyre’ and ‘Ellie’ as the third and final single in a hyperreal three-track trilogy from the Sydney-based artist, inviting listeners into a hyperbolic reality as a space to explore emotions from a heightened and fantastical perspective. Weaving club and industrial bass elements into the ethereal pop soundscape, Trophie enlisted Kyoto-based rapper EDWARD(我) to intensify the moody undertones and build on the underworld aesthetic of Dark City.

I wanted to rebuff the societal expectation of how a woman typically behaves and in a playful way explore an alternative and one that I have always felt much more affiliated with. I wanted the love interest, as opposed to taking over the narrative as so often is the case, to be more of a fleeting subplot within the overarching hyperbole of Dark City and more so explore my own feelings of detachment and autonomy.

Trophie is a rarity in today’s day and age, a singer/songwriter/producer whose deft control over her music sets it apart in its originality and emotional potency. While guarded and withdrawn outwardly, Trophie speaks of real-life experience set to a futuristic backdrop, Dark City – a world that oozes high fashion and supernatural undertones it provides the perfect setting for an unpredictable and intriguing combination of heroine and outlaw.

Having released ‘Vampyre’ and ‘Ellie in 2021, Trophie is currently in the midst of re-introducing herself, completing a three-track trilogy with today’s release of ‘Angel Wings’. With more music on the way as well as a wider body of work in building phase, expect to hear a lot more from the unique talent in the near future.

Angel Wings is out now:



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