Given that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the ruble has crashed. Now 40+ artists are coming collectively to deface Russian currency to support raise humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Released by a group of creatives and technologists from Goodby Silverstein & Associates, Amplify, and Kairos, the project is repurposing around 100,000 Russian rubles as canvases for environment renowned artists to operate on and market.

The total Rubles for Ukraine collection will be launched as NFTs on the Solana network and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. The group also hopes to host a just one-time-only show of all the bodily operate and the NFT consumers will have the legal rights to assert just about every 1/1 matching bodily artwork.

Artworks will be dropped as they get there on social media, with gross sales slated to go reside in July. According to artistic direct, Clemens Zlami, Rubles for Ukraine has by now exceeded anticipations with the number of taking part artists expanding by the working day. Right here is a listing of the artists included:

Adam Hathorn | Alexey Romanowsky (Ukraine) | Alyasha Owerka-Moore | Andy Howell | Asspie | Benjie Escobar | Benny Gold | B. J. Betts | Bordalo II | Brolga | Bryce Wong | Burritobreath | Chris Delorenzo | Claw Money | Curtis Kulig | Dave Taylor | David Mascha | Deerjerk | Efdot | Fabio Benê | Growcase | Hannah Stouffer | HAZE | Holly Ellis | Indie 184 | Jeremy Dean | Jon Contino | Jonathan Faust | Joshua Vides | Ken Davis | Mary Jo Scott | Marylou Faure | Matthew Zaremba | By no means Made | Rich Silverstein | Russ Pope | Sam Borghini | Sonni | Stash | Stevie Shao | Teng Yu | Todd Bratrud | Todd Francis | Todd King (a.k.a. Beefcake) | Yaroslav Shkriblyak (Ukraine)


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