2 “Sonic Seduction” Techniques to Make Her Like You Instantly


Guys – have you ever wondered why some men seem to have ‘all the luck’ and the ability to make any female fall for them – almost instantly? What do they know that you don’t? Read on to discover the secrets that they know, and how they use these ‘sonic seduction’ techniques to make women attracted to them – often in the matter of minutes…

Two “Sonic Seduction” Techniques To Make Her Like You Instantly

Technique Number One – “Act Nonchalant”. This is an exceptionally effective trigger of seduction – which will make women think of you all the time. Here’s how to use this trick. First, give her heaps of attention and make her feel important. Then, without prior warning at all, completely take away the attention from her!

She will be totally confused – and the more astounded she gets, the more she is inclined to chase you. Remember that confusion is the name of the game. I have use this technique to countless number of lays – use this and thank me later.

Technique Number Two – “The Drama Queen”. This is the best trick of the lot – which you can use to make woman get totally addicted to you – and with record speed. Females totally yearn for drama in their boring lives – so if you can introduce some elements of emotional highs and lows she will become totally compliant to your requests.

Make sure that you make her feel BOTH happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain. Give her a couple rounds of “hot and cold” treatment and she will be yours. Trust me on this.

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