DC Universe’s new web series, Stargirl, is an action-packed drama that centers around a young teenage girl, Courtney Whitmore, who lives a double-life as a superhero. While Stargirl has appeared in both live-action and animated tv series and films, this web-based show brings new life to this dynamic character. Courtney, or Stargirl, is one of the newer and younger additions to the DC universe, but she holds her own against more recognizable heroes like Batman and Superman. The Stargirl show is a fun and gripping series that is binge-worthy.


Created by executive producer Geoff Johns, Stargirl is an innovative, modern, perspective on the historic Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore saga. While it’s similar to many superhero stories that have come before, in that a superhero with a secret identity is fighting evil with the help of like-minded friends, Stargirl¬†is a new take on an old story.

Old Becomes New

The intriguing aspect of this show is that in many respects, it’s a typical teenage coming-of-age story that many have heard of before. A girl living in a city becomes moody and sullen when her previously widowed mother remarries and they move with her new stepfather and stepbrother to rural Blue Valley, Nebraska. She becomes a superhero when she discovers her superhero father, Starman, had a Cosmic Staff that is unexpectedly activated when she touches it. At the same time, she gains a trusty sidekick as she learns of her stepfather’s involvement as her father’s sidekick and benefits from his superhero past and robotic talents as he designs and dons a robotic suit, S.T.R.I.P.E., to help protect her as she fights villains.

Fresh Start

Due to the prior destruction of the Justice Society(which led to her father Starman’s death), Courtney has the opportunity to start fresh and recruit a new generation of superheroes. She is lucky enough to find friendship among other outcasts at her new high school and soon enough they have joined her to fight against the league of villains springing up to fight her. Her unpopular friend Beth becomes Doctor Mid-Nite when she puts on goggles with artificial intelligence, while angry teenager Rick is actually the son of deceased superhero Hourman. Rick obtains an hourglass that grants him a daily hour of superhuman strength and becomes Hourman II. Courtney’s new best friend, Yolanda, happens to be a boxer with incredible talent and is convinced to join the Justice Society and use her skills against the Injustice Society.

Up and Comers

Despite their youth, these young superheroes are brave enough to go up against Blue Valley’s most prominent citizens. A powerful businessman and brilliant neurosurgeon become evil leaders of the Injustice Society of America and have no qualms about bringing all their powers to bear against Stargirl and her colleagues. The villains join up with other like-minded young offspring of supervillains to take on the Justice Society of America. Of course, these new youthful villains are from the popular high school crowd but outcast Courtney and her friends are up to the challenge.

The Stargirl web series is an enjoyable show that manages to connect the past DC superhero storylines to the interests of present-day viewers, delivering an engaging and entertaining experience that is worth your time.