A Software Architect Profound In Poetry — Pramod Rajput


Pramod Rajput, born in a small village in Bihar, India, and a US citizen now, is a Software Architect and a renowned Hindi/Urdu poet. He got instant popularity when his poetry was quoted in the Indian Parliament by non-other than but honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 7th Feb 2019. 

People adore his debut book, “AA JEE LEIN ZARA,” which has a compilation of 100 ghazals and nazms and has been available on the market since September 2019. Many of his poems have been turned into music that may be purchased. In Hindi and English, “SAAT RANG PYAAR KE” and “SEVEN COLORS OF LOVE” respectively, he has also written two love stories.

The main themes in Pramod Rajput’s works are around various human emotions. Although romance is his area of expertise, he is equally adept at portraying other emotions such as grief, joy, impatience, motivation, etc. Because everyone can relate to his writings, readers are moved by them.

Pramod Rajput is a software engineer by profession and has worked in multinational companies across the globe for the last 20 years, but they had a passion for Hindi/Urdu poetries from their school days. From his college days, he has dramatically admired Mirza Ghalib’s poetry.

In Pramod Rajput’s poetries, there is a beautiful presence of love and human emotions which touches the heart of listeners and readers. Recently he started taking this talent seriously, and since then, he has been heard with great interest in KAVI SAMMELANS and MUSHAYRAES. A few of his creations are about life, philosophy, and motivation.

After the incident of 7th Feb 2019, when the Prime Minister mentioned his poetry, Pramod started getting many invitations to recite his poetries on stage. That gave him immense confidence as a poet. With this confidence, in 2020, he thought to try to write a novel. 

And he wrote a novel, and the response to the novel was also good. Despite all the fame he has gotten through his writing skills, he is still very proud and content with his former career and is still counting on that more than anything.

He received numerous awards for his original Hindi/Urdu poems and debate performances during his time in high school and college.

After working for 25 years in High Tech Multinational companies, since 2017, he has started taking his poetic talent seriously. Since then, he has been heard with great interest in KAVI SAMMELANS and MUSHAYAIRA.

He has written over 150 Hindi/Urdu poems, including ghazals and songs. Many of his poems have been composed, and some have been released as music videos. In this short period, he has shared the stage with some big names of Hindi and Urdu poets from India, Pakistan, and other parts of the world.

Pramod is an optimist and always believes that dreams do come true. For him, success is a never-ending journey, and failure never lasts. Success is a never-ending journey for him, and loss is never final. Now he dreams of being known as a lyricist in the Indian Film Industries, Bollywood.

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