Atonement Movie – A Touching Love Story


“Atonement” is a fantastic movie directed by the renowned director Joe Wright. It is basically a romantic film full of high voltage drama. The story of this film is based on the popular novel written by the well known author McEwan. One can not find many movies based on such a theme that became hit in the first few weeks of the release. The star cast of the movie include James McAvoy, Kiera Knightly and Julia West.

“Atonement” has become very popular among the viewers of all ages. It is a touching film that depicts the story of love and misunderstanding between two lovers. The story follows a 13 year old girl who falls in love with Robbie, the lead actor in the movie. The girl named Cecilia loves Robbie and therefore her sister Briony is jealous of this affair. Robbie is sentenced for five years because he was accused of being a sex maniac. Later on Briony realizes her mistakes and apologizes to both her sister and her lover. However, they do not reunite because of the differences occurred between them in the mean time. Hence, the movie ends on a sad note and gives the audience a lot to think.

All the actors in the movie have justified their roles. The sad scenes give lively experiences to the viewers. Some of the breathtaking songs have been given by Dario Marianelli, the music director of the film. The lead actors James and Keria have given emotion-filled performances that draw the attention of movie viewers. The ending scenes are very touching and full of emotional dialogs.

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