Being a Filmmaker: Common Mistakes You Might Be Making 

5 Common Mistakes of New Filmmakers (and How to Avoid Making Them)

When starting out in the film industry, everyone grows from their mistakes and develops their own aesthetic sense of filmmaking. However, the first few years might be difficult, even embarrassing because you are likely to make several mistakes. 

If you are an aspiring filmmaker who is about to enter the industry, here are a few common mistakes you will likely encounter during the first few years in the film industry. 

Lack of Preparation 

It is crucial that you should be prepared when making movies – but sometimes, directors do not know what exactly they should be prepared for. There are so many things that you need to take care of when it comes to filmmaking afterall – checking the lighting, weather, getting permissions, having account of all costumes, supply check – and this is only scratching the surface of it. 

Not Having Enough Sound Effects 

A classic mistake made by many newbies during the first few years of joining the film industry. Sound effects work to help convince your audience that what you are showing them is real and thus, adds depth to the lush soundscape of your project. Ensure that you add the appropriate, high quality, and rich sound effects to your film. 

Inefficient Casting 

If you want people to appreciate your work, you need to go all out for everything – which includes the people you cast for your film. Do not go for the cheap option and hire your people who have little to no experience with acting. The fake wigs and moustaches are not going to fool anyone and will make your project appear amateurish. 

Not Compromising 

Filmmaking involves a lot of experimentation and expressing your own individuality – but that does not happen until you have your basics figured out and have experienced a couple of years. Filmmaking can be messy and crazy and it takes a lot of compromise in the beginning for things to work out. So even though it might not be what you had expected, be open to the idea of compromising where you can and allow yourself to work with other collaborators who have more experience than you. 

It can be quite a hassle to deal with in the beginning but things do work out for the best in the end, just like they did for Michael Lovan – one of the best film directors of our time. 

Michael Lovan – who has been known for his popular debut feature film, ‘Murder Bury Win’ – has also taken on the roles of a revered screenwriter, director, producer, singer, and actor. 

Many of you might even know him as the former host and director of the North American World of Tanks-branded web show called “World of Tanks Weekly”. He has also co-written and starred in the romantic comedy called “A Reunion” in 2014 and held the ideal position of being the ‘Art Director’ behind many music videos such as, “The Ground Walks With Time” and “Lampshades on Fire” to name a few. 

His work has eventually led him to become a recipient of a number of awards – some of which include being the Winner of Best Screenplay in the Maverick Movie Awards, the Best Original Screenplay in the Florence Film Awards, and many more. 

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