Dance Parents Buy Pointe Shoes – How To Help Your Dancer


Many dance parents are just as excited as their ballet studio daughters when they hear the news that it is time to buy pointe shoes. Yet, from the many I hear from, worries and doubts soon follow. When is my daughter truly ready to dance in pointe shoes? What if she is too young to do ballet in pointe shoes? Then, you the dance parent, find out how expensive pointe shoes are.

And in some cases, their son can dance and HE wants ballet toe shoes. A good choice for strengthening the foot muscles.

I hope to help calm your fears, and also help to reassure you that there is lots of help regarding how to buy these professional ballet shoes. And also in determining that your child’s ballet teacher has made the correct assessment, and your dancer is ready to dance in toe shoes.

Your local ballet or dance wear store will have a certain stock – a few, or many brands of ballet shoes. Freeds, Gambas, Capezio, Grishko, Gaynor Mindens – the list is long.

Often a ballet teacher will go with a class of girls who are just beginning ballet en pointe, and that really helps a lot. While it takes a long time, the teacher can help the pointe shoe fitter (if the store has one) guide the dance students towards the brands, styles and pointe shoe sizing choices that seem overwhelming.

Your child’s ballet teacher at least knows beforehand which students have hypermobile ankles and feet, or more secure mobility in the joints’ range of motion. This will determine the choice of brand, strength of shank (the supporting sole in the shoe), height of vamp, and more. Also, for students with the least flexible ankles and foot joints, lighter weight shanks and vamp heights are available, or can be ordered.

The foot and toe shape type can also be accommodated by pointe shoe brands and styles.

If your dancer daughter is serious about training in ballet, there is also expert information available, geared for dance parents, to help you bring out the best in your child’s talents and dreams of dancing.

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