DARK AT SEA – A film by Carlos Asse


An experimental dance movie – Darkish at Sea. A enjoy letter to the benefits and sacrifices of resourceful daily life. This attractive collaboration involving award-profitable Mexican filmmaker Carlos Asse and cinematographer Paul Theodoroff, “Dark at Sea” was shot in a 35mm film and captures themes of irritation, defeat and the abiding pursuit of success by way of the movements of dancers Matthew Gibbs.

The job itself emerged from Asse’s want to break from usual routines and make something far more personal and summary. Dim at Sea gives an unsettling exploration of a man’s wrestle with himself as he battles to identify the real this means of his journey as a dancer.

The preliminary concept arrived to life just after Asse’s need to examine a aspect of filmmaking he experienced in no way approached or experimented with in the earlier. A tiny concept sparked his curiosity and he approached cinematographer Paul Theodoroff to lens the movie.

“Dark at Sea started as a enjoy letter to the ambitions and the payoffs that appear with becoming creative and the sacrifices that it entails. I required to make one thing own and summary that the typical viewers, and specifically our inventive local community, could relate to. Producing this film reminded me that the persistent character of the human being is what keeps us hungry for what’s left out there to conquer. On the other hand, the pandemic pressured us to reflect on our behaviours and the way we watch the globe. Since I commenced a vocation in movie, I have felt like I will have to give up every little thing else. This movie is a reminder to be far more gentle and compassionate with me”.

Directed and Developed by Carlos Asse / www.carlosasse.com / Instagram: @carlos.asse
Cinematography by Paul Theodoroff / Instagram: @paultheodoroff
Edit by Cavan J. Faucett / Instagram: @cavanjfaucett
Showcasing Matthew Gibbs / Instagram: @matthewgibbs_et
1st AC: Joshua R. Cote
 2nd AC: Travis Francis
 Loader: Chastin Noblett

Carlos Asse:
Carlos Asse is a director/producer born and elevated in Mexico Town and centered in Los Angeles, CA. His perform is formed by a passion for storytelling and his compassion for humanity, aiming to take a look at human associations and social constructs. He strives to build thought-provoking perform in an attempt to remodel modern society.


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