Do You Need to Move to Hollywood to Work in the Film Industry?


Hollywood is usually synonymous with movies. Whenever people think about large movies, celebrities, and all the sophisticated style which encompasses it, they think Hollywood. Its impact produced the Indian film industry’s moniker, “Bollywood”. History is stuffed with accounts involving actors that dreamt of making it huge, and for that reason relocated to L.A.

It really is very simple to get drawn into thinking that the only way to have a go at the film industry is to transfer to Hollywood. In some instances, it does be the better choice. However, a very important factor to keep in mind is that everyone relocates to Hollywood, meaning there exists a lot more competition for the work opportunities that are available there!

There are several cities around the world having significant film industries. A lot of US broadcast TV including the Stargate franchise, Battlestar Galactica and also Smallville are shot in Vancouver. Toronto has a lot of shows, as also does New York. Virtually any big city should have some amount of industry. Beyond The United States, you’ll find employment in areas like London, and of course India.

Even if you don’t reside in one of those cities, it is possible to still find places to get experience and employment. Remember that when recording big productions with unusual landscapes, the production may turn to a different country to shoot some scenes. Some pieces in the new Star Wars episodes were shot in North Africa; The Count of Monte Cristo was shot in The island of Malta; Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand. Also, you will find amateur and indie productions just about anywhere.

In short, you can find employment everywhere in different quantities. Nevertheless, if you wish to build a career, you obviously must be somewhere that has a lot of work opportunities and lots of prospects. You’re only likely to be able to support your self completely if you’re in a location like L. A. or Vancouver having sufficient work; although you are able to find work in smaller sized towns, it’s improbable there’ll be an adequate amount of to keep you employed throughout the year. Although you may not have to move to Hollywood, you might want to move somewhere. Everything depends upon where you live. Spend time researching the local film commission, if there is one, and try to send networking letters or otherwise get in touch with professionals in your area to ask for advice.

Networking is incredibly important in this industry, so if you do manage to get in contact with professionals, that’s very useful! Building up a network takes time, of course, so one point to note is that if you do move to a new city, it will take time to make the contacts required to land that first job in the film industry. And of course, once you have made the network, it’s very hard to move away, because you’d be losing all of that hard work!

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