Without the fun, humor and laughter that jokes bring, the world will be all frowns. Funny jokes are created to reflect life in unusual, hilarious and entertaining ways. A good laugh is as infectious as funny jokes are impacting to life. In adding humor to life’s experiences, funny jokes make the world worth smiling. The laughter that funny jokes bring makes people feel like a kid again and cope with difficult situations by looking at the lighter side of any circumstance in life. Funny jokes bring simple pleasures in life as they present a classic way of keeping people entertained.

One thing that is great about funny jokes is that it gives people a great way to channeling life’s negativity and turning it into something that is constructive. It uses your pain as the basis of humor, your cynics as your wits, and it uses puns for its punch lines. Funny jokes provide you with a constructive use of your lies, untruths and frustrations. It brings a sense of release that prevents all the negativity from getting hold up inside you. In many ways, funny jokes make life more bearable and worth smiling about.

There’s no better way to pass idle time, coffee break, recess or time outs than by sharing funny jokes. One way of bonding with your peers, co-workers and family is through funny conversations. Whatever is a conversation without funny jokes? Adding funny elements in conversations is one effective treat in keeping people engaged in a conversation. It works like caffeine. It stimulates everybody’s senses. It makes us think. It pushes us to best one another with a better joke.

The act of creating a funny joke is fail-safe. You can do no wrong in attempting to create or narrate a story with the intension of making people laugh. The general response for jokes would be laughter if not a slight twitch of smile on the face of onlookers or listeners. If a joke did not get any response, the joke is called flat. But even flat jokes make people laugh as much as funny jokes do. You see, no one can do wrong in making his own versions of jokes. It even does not have rules or methods to follow. Just follow your thoughts, stay with it, make fun with it and narrate it. Surely, your thoughts will work out a funny joke.

We have seen enough movies to see that funny guys get the pretty ladies and funny men end up lucky. Even funny cartoon characters are given happy endings. We have seen enough reality show to say that the key to being famous is by being featured in a funny video. Being funny is the key to getting a head in life people! Now there’s a simple funny joke.

Creating and delivering a funny joke is an innate ability that humans have, although some chose not to explore those innate skills. A good joke can simply be created by just telling an honest story about your life. As the cliché goes, “be yourself”. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself once in a while. Life was not created to get people uptight. Just lay back and let your thoughts flow. Engage some friends in a simple conversation and start talking. You’ll be surprised; the jokes will just roll out of your mouth.

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