Globalization Versus Tradition

The constant effort to develop the economic conditions, several countries undermine the age-old customs and traditions of the society. In my opinion, the urgent need to meet the demands of globalization, many a times the high stakes involved often put the cons in the backdrop. Nevertheless, it may not always be the case.

The vast disparity between the developing and developed countries is a good example of economic development. However, the balance between development and tradition of the society varies in different countries. The changes that have transformed countries to a high-end standard of life. In fact, the levels of economic development depend upon the resources available in a specific area or region, in addition to its demand and supply. Since a country with a stronger money power is more likely to dominate he others in crucial decisions such as GATT, NATO amidst others.

Apart from the availability of the resources, the governmental policies can also be critical to maintain the equilibrium of upholding the national or regional identity without comprising on its progress. For instance, the state or central government can conduct special fair or events that celebrate the spirit of the community. These events can be instrumental in shaping and encourage in the exchange of ideas, and essential to uphold traditional values.

The changing fabric of the society is one of the many factors that are pivotal to this debate. Many of ancient languages and cultures are dying out surrendering to the fast-paced growth.Youth are the future of the world, but they have hardly any sources about these long-lost societies. Some of the examples include the tribes inhabiting the Indian Ocean and Latin America.The stress of modern schooling and to ace the competition has made children pay more attention to the careers or academics in accordance to their age groups.

Many researches have been undertaken to rediscover the extinction of many of these celebrated languages. Unfortunately, it is not the loss of a language but the art and many other facets associated with people who spoke the language would be gone forever, and never to return. Although some members of these ancient tribes are making an effort to revive the traditional identity, but it would need more than that to make a big impact.

To conclude, I would say that economic development is important for any country to keep pace with progress but not at the cost of losing one’s traditional roots. To maintain a balance of the two might be challenging but not impossible.

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