How Important Are Good Contacts in the Dance Industry?


Having well located contacts in the dance industry can help you in your dance career. In fact it can even mean that you are never out of work in the dance industry. Can you succeed without contacts in today’s dance industry?

The answer luckily is yes. Although having some strong contacts can definitely make things easier than they can be, choreographers are always looking for new talent and new dancers to work with.

There are enough jobs in the dance industry so that even the people with no contacts in the industry can make a successful career if they have enough talent. If it wasn’t this way you would only ever see the same faces in all the music videos.

Having said that a dancer should be looking to make new contacts as they make their way through the dance industry. Making new friends can often have positive consequences, especially if those friends are well connected and they like the way you dance!

Think about it. Which would you rather do? Audition in a room with 200 other dancers or be handed the job on a plate from a friend who knows that you can pick up his choreography style at the top of the head? I know which one’s easier work!

Of course it’s a cycle that feeds itself, because the more successes you have at auditions, the more contacts you will have. This all means more dance jobs for you.

Although having good contacts can mean you can get some jobs very easily of course this isn’t always the case. There are many jobs where you can only get the job though auditioning. There are plenty of occasions where the decision-makers will have nothing to do with the dance industry, it might be a representative from a record label for example.

Making contacts isn’t just about making friends and talking when you meet – you also want to exchange numbers. This makes it easy for the person to get in touch with you if they need dancers for a job. Just as an agency can’t tell you about an audition or casting unless they know how to get in touch with you, many dancers won’t let you know about a job if they can’t find a way to call you.

Although sometimes people like to leave their phones at home some days, if you’re regularly contacted about auditions or are with any agencies you should always have your mobile on you. Many jobs and castings come at short notice.

You can make contacts everywhere where you’re dancing. And don’t think just where there’s other dancers, you might just bump into a famous choreographer while you’re boogieing down at a club as well.

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