How Mobility App Can Help You In Improving Your Lifestyle

How Mobility App Can Help You In Improving Your Lifestyle

There is now a mobility app for almost anything you can think of from finding where the local toilets are situated to having a fresh hot wholesome meal delivered right to you, no matter where you are, (within reason). There are apps that can find the best airline flight or where and how much it costs to catch the next bus home.

Mobility apps are becoming an essential part of life. This is especially true for the younger generation that grew up with a cell phone and PlayStation. Unlike those of us who are watching our grandchildren using these new smart phones and still trying to figure how to turn them on, but that’s progress.

Some of the things that mobility apps can do help you improve your lifestyle are:

  • Triplify

If you want to get off the tourist route and mingle with the locals, find out where the best beach parties, local markets and outback festivals are Triplify is the app for you.

  • TransitTimes+

The ideal app for finding all the public transport routes, fare and timetables.

  • Gumtree

This is the app for buying or selling anything either locally or nationwide. Used buses, motorbikes, cars to books and hand crafts, finding flat mates or a new home Gumtree has it all.

  • Party with a Local

This app gets you in touch with locals in the area to get you right in there so you have a real live guide to explore all the party animal hangouts of the city.

  • SurfStitch Surf Check

Getting an indepth and detailed report on the weather and surf conditions, including water temperatures, wind and cloud conditions. This app gives locally produced surf reports and associated info so you know which beaches are a go and the ones to avoid each day. Maybe you just like the sun and some “bird” or “buck” watching.

  • Deliveroo

The times when you do not want to drive to the restaurant or are just too busy, Deliveroo will get your dinner to you when you need it and piping hot, just use your smart phone and it’s done.

  • Pocket Weather

An up to the minute weather reports as well as the latest predictions for the following week.

  • Beat the Q

This app allows you to order your in advance at many of the best hot cafes around, so you don’t have to wait in a queue.

  • TransferWise

The perfect mobility app for giving or receiving money anytime from local or overseas, so you are never short of cash.

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