How to Generate Instant Attraction in a Woman (And Make Her Want You)


Attention guys – there may be some men in your group who seem to have no difficulty at all seducing women. The problem is, they won’t tell you their secrets because you will just add to the competition.

You can try looking at how they seduce women from afar, but if you don’t know the smooth players’ code to turning beautiful women into love slaves, you won’t go anywhere near the success rate these men flaunt all the time.

But before I share my own ‘killer seduction’ tips, let’s get one thing straight. The first thing you need to work on to be successful is your mindset when it comes to dating. Here’s something you might not have heard before: attracting a girl  has got NOTHING to do with her, – but rather, it has got everything to do with how you tell her things and how you make your words hit their mark.

So, if you’re dying of envy looking on as other men manage to attract girls easily, you will need the following tips on how to make women fall helplessly in love with you. Read on to discover the surefire ways to get a woman attracted to you and want to date you using three “secret” seduction tricks.

How to generate instant attraction using three covert seduction tactics

Technique #1 – “The Thickening Drama Plot”. Dramatic sequences and endings make girls’ hearts flutter. If you can make her go through an emotional roller coaster by inducing drama through conversation, you will get her full attention.

Women want to hear about things and situations that touch them on the emotional level. The way you connect with her emotions is the strongest tool you have to make her dive headlong in a romantic adventure with you. The thing is, women are always looking for emotional scenes to fire up their imaginations, consciously or subconsciously. If you can perfect this technique, you can get her hooked on you for good.

Technique #2 – “Strategic Boredom”. While you’re in conversation with a woman, there might come a time when she feels like you’re hanging on to her every word. When this happens, you risk sabotaging your chances with this girl simply because she feels her power over you. Here’s what you do: show boredom to make her work harder for your attention.

Technique #3 – “Fractionation”. Using this technique (stolen from the field of hypnosis), master seducers have been known to seduce women and make them fall in love very quickly – in a span of 15 minutes or even less. Here’s how you do it – bring the woman through an emotional roller coaster, and in the process get her to feel emotionally ‘addicted’ to you. As a result, she will be obedient and will do anything you ask her to.

Fractionation is very effective, but please use it responsibly if you must.

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