How to Make a Woman Leave Her Boyfriend – Little-Known Boyfriend Destroyer Tricks Finally EXPOSED!


It’s a small world. Chances are all the women that are worth having are already out of the game. But does that mean that the fight is over and you lose? The answer is no. If you are truly determined to get a girl worth fighting for, keep reading as I reveal the absolute best tactics that will help you tear her away from her man.

– In-depth close-up.
Whenever you get the chance, subtly point out her boyfriend’s shortcomings. Most women have a list of things that they look for in a man, and most of them find compromises and choose to settle when the type of man they are looking for doesn’t seem readily apparent. Therefore, the best way to demonstrate this turn of events to a woman is by asking her a simple question: How does the man of her dreams compare with the man of her reality? Funnily enough, no one will be able to live up to the man of her dreams, so asking this question is purely to make her realize what a loser her current boyfriend is.

– Mess with her mind.
Emotional drama is like oxygen to most women; they live and thrive on gossip and intrigue. Chances are, that being with her boyfriend is plenty dramatic already, but what you have to do is provide her with significantly more emotional drama than she already has. If you can convince her of the sincerity of your seduction, she’ll be torn between you and her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.

Both of the techniques listed above are heavily reliant upon discoveries made within female psychology. In order for them to be extremely successful, you will be required to mentally hack into the girls mind to influence her feelings and emotions. Couple a few clever pickup lines and some smooth talking with the power of psychology and you’ll be able to outmanoeuver pretty much every guy out there, including her shmuck of a boyfriend, and get her to do whatever you want.

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