How to Make Girls Laugh – Using Humor Seduction Tricks That Work Every Time


If you wish to improve your game with women, you need to have the power to make them laugh since this happens to be the greatest weapon of seduction that exists to date. Humor happens to be a very effective method in building rapport and can be used to seduce the girl of your dreams. Plus, it is also the ideal way to approach girls and break the ice anywhere at anytime.

How To Make Girls Laugh – Using Humor Seduction Tricks That Work Every Time

Jokes can get rid of any natural barriers that girls put up for guys, especially if they aren’t in the mood to get hit on. If you make use of humor to show girls what an easygoing guy you are, they will be more ready to open up to you.

How can this be used in seduction, though? It’s easy. Whenever you approach girls at bars or even in the mall, you need to ensure that she laughs at a joke you make within the first few minutes. If you have the ability to make this happen, you will be seen in a better light.

So, where should you begin? If you don’t like making jokes, then you may already find it difficult to make anybody laugh at your jokes at the present moment. One quick tip you could use to begin quickly would be by displaying some self-deprecation. This would be the easiest way to make other people laugh.

Also, do not forget to smile. Keep in mind how infectious humor can be and that jokes don’t need to be pulled out one after the other. There is no need to be a standup comedian or anything.

Lastly, the greatest mistake that any guy could make when it comes to a sense of humor would be trying too hard to use it to successfully seduce women. It wouldn’t be good to appear like a dancing monkey or outright clown. Ensure that your jokes are funny, not you.

When you’re able to make a girl laugh, then you will have the chance to make her fall deeply for you. You will then need to use this technique called fractionation to make her feel emotionally “invested” in you. Known to be able to make any woman fall in love quickly, this technique is very controversial due to its powers. Use responsibly if you must!

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