Being a poet is in your blood, in some way or another, but why haven’t you realized it yet? Poetry is simply a metered form of writing, that expresses art, more than it does language. Poetry must conform with the intent to entertain the reader, where you will have any form or style permitted, which go beyond conventional writing, and the best part is that you can break all sorts of rules, or even all the rules, and it will still count!

When you think of a poet, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself as the master of poetry? Poetry is a personal art form, where the artist expresses their true intent, and you, in some way, are a poet. You will know if you are a poet when you want to express deep, inner-emotions, but you want to write within your own ability. You want to write without restrictions, you want to express yourself!

You see yourself as a person, with values, with your own tastes, and your own desires, you can easily express this through writing poetry, you will even let out your frustrations and fears! When you read over it, you look at the result, you may even let go of your anger or fear when you see how irrational your feelings really were!

To write poetry, one must only write down their thoughts, in their own unique, artistic style. Think of yourself as an artist, who chooses to make their art into words! You are art itself, as your body, your mind, and your soul lead you on your own unique life path! What does your life mean to you? Even if you see your life as meaningless, express that feeling of isolation, feel your words, and write down everything about you!

You are a true poet when you learn to just let go of all conventions, let go of all your preconceived notions. If you think a poet is too dramatic, just look at your own life. Who doesn’t have drama in their life? Everyone fills the role in their own personal drama; poets choose to make their whole life into a masterpiece, much like they perfect their art of writing poetry. You know that you are fit to write, you know deep down inside, your entire being wants to come to life, in a world full of chaos, you are a poet.

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