Jeon So Nee, Ki Do Hoon, Kim Woo Seok, And More Talk About The Message Of Their New Drama “Scripting Your Destiny”

On March 22, TVing’s initially initial drama, “Scripting Your Destiny,” held an online press convention.

“Scripting Your Destiny” is a fantasy romance drama about a god named Shin Ho Yoon (Ki Do Hoon), who writes the fates of humans. In purchase to generate the romance of the century, he secretly gets inspiration from the get the job done of a makjang (extreme) drama screenwriter named Go Che Kyung (Jeon So Nee).

Director Kim Byung Soo said, “I required to make a dazzling and wholesome drama in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This drama has no harmful or evil people. It is a exciting and refreshing drama that any one can love viewing.”

Kim Eun Sook, a effectively-regarded drama screenwriter who has prepared jobs like “Descendants of the Sunlight,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and “Goblin,” participated in the drama as a creator. Director Kim Byung Soo spelled out, “The screenwriter for [‘Scripting Your Destiny’], Eun Sunlight Woo, is a shut junior of Kim Eun Sook and labored with her for a prolonged time. Hence, Kim Eun Sook gave us a whole lot of suggestions for the duration of the initial organizing system. In conversations with me, she shared some distinctive concepts about the drama’s tone and fashion.”

Jeon So Nee mentioned, “At this minute, I wanted to do a job that persons could observe with light hearts. You may well think that ‘Scripting Your Destiny’ is a large amount of work mainly because it is about gods, but this god does not know just about anything about relationship and has to borrow from a human’s function in order to create their fate. Of study course, this doesn’t go in excess of very very well, so it’s a pleasurable and relatable drama to observe.”

She additional, “I wanted men and women to see the variation as quickly as they noticed me, so I altered my hairstyle. This is the 1st time I’ve played these kinds of a healthier and energetic character, so I preferred to glance different on the outside the house as properly.”

About casting Ki Do Hoon, Kim Byung Soo claimed, “When casting a god, it’s vital to cast someone with visuals that are out of this earth. I forged Ki Do Hoon and Park Sang Nam on that basis. Kim Woo Seok seems specifically like his character, Jung Ba Reum, would suggest [in Korean, this name means ‘upright’ or ‘correct’].”

Ki Do Hoon reported, “During the audition process, I felt that there have been components of Ho Yoon that I could relate to. The director gave me the courage I needed to consider on the job. I considered a large amount about how a god may go about his life. I focused a large amount on that, so I do not know what it will search like from a viewer’s viewpoint. Be sure to tune in and enable me know.”

“Scripting Your Destiny” will be unveiled on TVing on March 26 at 4 p.m. KST and will be readily available on Viki.

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