Juxtapoz Magazine – Stipan Tadić’s Visions of the City


We frequently fantasize about sites we have in no way been. There are sure towns that just outgrown their boundaries and come to be an essence, like Paris does, like London does, and of system, NYC does. NYC has a tough realism but also a fantasy factor, where by its been mythologized in movie, new music and artwork history. For Stipan Tadić, a Croatian born painter and now NYC-centered, the metropolis is both equally romantic and household, a area that he can position a feeling of realism to it and also continue to keep that romance of the put as a desired destination all on 1 painting. 

His newest clearly show, Visions of the Town, on see at ATM Gallery, feels like his most experienced, cohesive output. There is overhead landscapes, city streets, bar scenes, just about as if a soundtrack of paint is being visualized in entrance of you. There are night and dusk scenes, some experience smokey and other individuals have a online video video game ingredient to them. In some is effective, Tadić actually provides comedian e-book aesthetics above brooding backdrops, an just about animated, cartoon search. The gallery notes a graphic novel high-quality, and that is spot-on. In some cases our visions of a location have a duality, a tale nonetheless to be penned. In the natural beauty of Tadić’s paintings, he is dwelling within a fantasical earth, and demonstrates that property and a aspiration can co-exist. —Evan Pricco


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