Knitwork as a form of self-expression in fashion

The unique characteristic of knitwear is that it instantly changes the shape and size as you alter the number of loops tied in the fabric. 

In terms of fashion design, the indie aesthetic of knitwear is the favourite choice of the moment. It is characterized by an eclectic mix of clothes, often worn casually or with a bold, adventurous flair, with an ethic towards self expression that is particularly seen in the clothes designed by the famous British designer Phoebe Philo.

For inspiration, let’s look to independent knitwear design.

Source: @melissa.leapman on Instagram

Who is working with knit in today’s fashion industry?

Melissa Leapman is currently one of the world’s most popular sweater designers, whose designs have been seen in nearly every leading fashion magazine. She’s worked as an independent designer for several high-profile knitwear manufacturers, noted brand names, and world-class yarn suppliers. 

In her knitting-related illustrations, she highlights the beauty and versatility of knitwear fabrics with a bold, modern edge. The clothing line she launches with Phoebe Philo Knits is designed to evoke the same vibrancy in apparel design that she has brought to her knitwear drawings. 

The bright, vivid yarns and bright, uplifting imagery of jumpy, funky, or sweet projects make knitwear a very desirable style and a trendy option for both genders. Also part of the Melissa family are knitwear accessories and clothing, such as gloves, scarves, cardigans, knit caps, socks, and more.

If you love to knit and create, you’ll want to check out what Melissa has to offer. 

The ins and outs of working with knit

To make things easier for you, let’s look at the practical side of knitwear.

Knitwear was traditionally crafted using cotton, wool or silk threads. Although there are many different types of knit materials, the three most popular ones are cashmere, merino wool, and silk. 

All three types of fabric can be woven with different needles, depending on the impression you are going for with your deign. Each type of fiber lets you get away with only certain types of stitch work, though. Not all materials can be knitted in absolutely any way.

As for the business side of creative endeavors, it is important to remember the physical properties of knits. 

Knitted fabrics have become popular not originally for fashion garments, but as a means of protection from harsh weather. The natural wicking qualities of a knit fabric provide an invisible barrier against water, air, and heat. 

As more people continue to wear knitwear, the apparel industry will continue to see opportunities for improvements, and the fabric that is most appropriate for one particular situation may no longer apply.