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My life partner, my wife, remains always alert in cutting the extra costs. Last year, after finding herself turning from fat to fatter, she was worrying much. I still do not understand why the innocent fat gathering around their waists, the hands, legs, and at other places bother the women so much. But it bothered my wife.

The days came when she had to use soap for getting her golden bangles off. Cost-conscious is she; so for cutting the cost of the soap, she had resolved to have a new pair of the golden bangles. You know, the married life is not costly at all. 

She is very proud of her cost-cutting virtue. One more example would be a sufficient proof. Last month one of my lower teeth had revolted and had decided to go out of my mouth. Hence it had started making its presence painful like a naughty peon in an office. I had to go to a dentist for removing and fixing a tooth.

She was with me like the shadow of a big tree.

As the dentist took a fork in his hand, I feared that he would make my mouth-opening wider than the God had designed for me. Before proceeding further he said, “It would cost Rs. 5000.”

I tried to say something. But the dentists are incapable of asking questions that can be replied in yes or no answer. So I was seized by the confused silence.

Before I speak anything my wife asked him, “Cannot you make the bill reasonable?”

“Yes, Madame. I can fix three teeth in just Rs. 10,000,” the dentist was a good salesman, too. The dentist is a person before whom the greatest and the strongest of the men lose teeth.

Cost-conscious is my wife: so she had decided to buy the three-teeth package for me.

Accordingly I have to lose extra two teeth. But she was pleased, as she had managed to snatch a prudent deal from a hard professional like a dentist. I think this story provides a fit case for a script of a Bollywood film. 

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