Mary Cassatt, domesticity, intimacy and love.


MARY CASSATT, ‘Mother’s Kiss’, 1890-1891. Drypoint and aquatint on laid paper.

Color print, 9×13.75 inches (devoid of body).

Two figures, a mother and baby, dominate the vertical house. A lady in a casual, homely costume with a white collar and cuffs, the dress decorated with easy flower motifs, is seated on what seems to be a significant-backed wooden chair, painted also with flower motifs. She has her hair set up in a bun design. The child is nude with a good crop of hair. The woman cradles and embraces and leans down to kiss the little one. The supported kid retains the collar of the mother’s costume, the other arm is unseen. The history is basic and devoid of any further facts.

The image is linear in type, evocative of and remarkably motivated by Japanese prints with flat plains of colour and motifs. We see, usually a deficiency of normal form or shadows, regular of Japanese art. As we can see, the motifs do not observe form and are flat. The strongest color is from the deep green and pink of the chair with the colours currently being picked up by the dark inexperienced and crimson flower motifs of the dress. The darkest colour is the black hair of mom and youngster. These dim colours contrast with the light-weight pale eco-friendly of the dress and the pale powdery blue of the track record. A big portion of the impression is the simple gentle blue colour occupying the leading third of the image and down the proper-hand aspect. This large flat pale location can make the subject make a difference stand out and focuses the subject.

The intimacy, tenderness and near bond of really like involving mother and youngster are moving and heart-warming, a special bond but it is not the otherworldliness of spiritual spiritual devotion that we obtain in Renascence artwork but a gorgeous domestic scene of truth. The lines and flower motifs on the gown skip and dance give a lively dynamic to the picture which contrasts with the stillness of the intimate instant and flat history.


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