Sandra Chevrier’s “Cages and the Shadow of the…


At this time on perspective at Thinkspace Tasks in Los Angeles, California is artist Sandra Chevrier’s should see solo exhibition, “Cages and the Shadow of the Colours.”

The Montréal-centered Canadian artist generates operate that examine identification as a locus of competing imperatives and advanced contradictions. Drawing parallels amongst the assumed invulnerability of the superhero and the unachievable calls for positioned on the modern unique, Chevrier generates literal and metaphoric masks by combining comic book imagery assembled from observed and imagined sources. Her dystopian spin on the legendary figure of the superhero looks to expose the flaws in the staged extroversion of the superficial veneer.

The artist examines gender identities and roles, exhibiting a male-dominated world exactly where Chevrier’s topics denounce the function offered to the woman counterpart therein, refusing to play the element of seducer or sufferer. In the greater body of Chevrier’s work, the photos represented selection from scenes of conflict, triumph and defeat. They delve into social constraints, which corrupt what truly is wonderful and lock girls into prisons of extremely-codified and slim identities. In this, her subjects turn out to be very little short of superheroines.

Chevrier paints masterfully in depth portraiture, making her ladies seemingly arise from a surreal environment, on to the canvas, whereby a dance is carried out among truth and creativeness, real truth and deception. She chooses to emphasize the fragility of the superhero, their struggles and weaknesses, and exposes the humanity inside the superhuman. Regardless of all the playfulness of the superhero trope, she emphasized that superheroes are also fragile, all simply human guys and females, all entitled to our flaws and mistakes.

“To paint is to enjoy with hues, to enable them dance with every single other, to intertwine to come to be just one or a lot more, an infinite chromatic circle. To paint is to take every little thing that nature provides us and make it yours. All these hues that are only available to us since our eyes and brain get the job done with each other to translate mild into colour. An apple is not red. Coloration exists only in the mind of the beholder.”

Ever inspired by colour and its influence, Chevrier has included colour shading into her reference photoshoots around the past couple years, actively playing with blues, ambers, yellows, and reds on the pores and skin. She has uncovered each a single tells a unique tale and embraces that in this new body of work.


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