Sight Unseen Film Series Closes with a Poetic Ode to Baltimore


With BALTIMORE, Rorison is tapping the moment yet again into her possess origin tale as a indigenous of the city—though the movie by itself is nearly anything but narrative. Shifting lyrically from impression to impression, the movie is at periods much more like a poem unfolding. In the opening shot, a full moon roves like the dot of a laser pointer just before rising as one particular mild among lots of road lamps and targeted visitors lights. Rorison has trained her eye on the urban landscape with distinct focus to lines—cables, pipes, cement cracks, grids of brick, chain website link fences, alleyways, phone poles, and of system row residences. Are we hearing the rolling, mechanical breath of the mild rail or a meditative audio tub? Voices yelling or playing? The film denies easy binaries and asks the viewer to hold room for the two. That an empty developing may possibly hold our complete interest.

Thematically, when the camera is centered on pealed paint, stained stone, shuttered windows, or sealed doorways, Rorison’s movie explores the tension involving emptiness and prospect. For example, the Hutzler Brothers Palace on Howard Street made use of to be the city’s premier office retail store. Although the primary signage and ornate façade of the developing remain, the location is now tranquil as a mausoleum, housing a significant amount of underground AiNET servers that direct about 25 percent of world internet traffic—digital commerce like the ghostly stays of the formerly vivid business epicenter. The logo for Hutzler Brothers, featured in stone outside the house the constructing, is a seated figure of Justice donning a blindfold and keeping balanced scales. It looks like she’s in for a very long wait around. Or, perhaps, this is exactly what balance seems to be like—one image fades although a further impression rises.

Searching towards the potential, Rorison, who loves scheduling and organizing functions, has determined to acquire some time to flip inward. In her phrases, she would like to “disappear a tiny in my head.” A self-described introvert, loner, walker, and daydreamer, her following task guarantees to be a lot more own as she kinds by way of several hours of footage of her grandmother, who experienced from Alzheimer’s. She will change her consideration from archiving a actual physical area to archiving a individual a person. Right after all, what place is as elusive—or alluring—as dropped memory?

Margaret Rorison by Saskia Kahn



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