Stress Relief – 5 Top Tips to Gauge Your Stress Barometer


When you get the weather report the weather person talks about the barometric pressure in relation to the highs and lows of a weather front coming in your area, the weather for the day can be assessed by this gauge.

Stress also can be gauged by a similar stress barometer.

1) Your work can create a great deal of pressure that will be expressed as stress. Your job or career can create pressure that is emotionally and physically uncomfortable, although I encourage you to have a job or career you simply love doing, it may not be possible at this time. You can strive towards this goal. Doing what you love decreases the stress pressures.

2) Your family can generate pressures that increase your stress. Loving your family may not always decrease the pressures. You sometimes increase the pressure by trying to do too much to care for them or care about them. Your involvement in their lives may be creating undue pressure, try to back off a bit and allow a bit of empowering to happen with your family.

3) Your friends are a great source of pressures. Social events and activities take a lot of your time and the unnecessary drama that is generated add to the discomfort. Try not to be the source of the drama; do not discuss your personal problems too specially. Have a very trusted friend you can talk to keep your problems drama safe.

4) Your relationship with your husband or beloved could be a stress barometer gauge. If you do not communicate well, and assume too much in your relationship pressures go up. But if there is harmony and openness of communicates the pressures are very low.

5) Your feelings about yourself are an extremely sensitive gauge in the stress barometer. How do you feel about the way you look, are you comfortable in your skin? Do you eat healthy and feel healthy? Do you get enough sleep? Do you take the time to play and no take yourself seriously? If the answers to these questions are mostly no, then your stress barometer is definitely going to show you a reading of very stressful stormy weather ahead.

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