The Crave Of Nigerian Film Practitioners & Potential Members To Attend The New York Film Institute


It’s no longer a secret that Nigerians place a high premium on quality, and are willing to part with cash just to obtain same. This growing trend has also found its way into Nollywood, where filmmakers who have made films boasting of such qualitative content boarded the National flight to fame and fortune. Nollywood has been presently rated as the 2nd largest Movie Industry in the world (quantity based) but not in quality. It is worthy of note that filmmakers back in the mid 90’s (during the Nollywood boom) simply churned out movies just to make money and not because they had a passion for it.

Tunde kelani, however stood out from the pack, and his regular quality output propelled him effortlessly into the limelight. His dexterity with the camera and consequent productions stems form the knowledge he acquired at the London film school. You can get most of his works in one of my articles “Tunde Kelani: A legend in Nollywood.” Steve Gucas who shot “keeping in Faith” is said to have attended same as well.

Despite the presence of the National Film Institute, Jos, Nigeria, the new generation of film makers and those in other spheres of filmmaking, thirsty for the requisite skills to produce movies of international standard have found their way to the prestigious New York Film Institute. Those who have made the Alumni list include Kunle Afolyan ( Irapada, The Figurine, araromire), Stephanie Okereke (Through the Glass), Chineze Anyaene (Ije), Daniel Ademinokan (Omo Iya Kan). Due to their resounding success, others have begun to look towards the New York Film Institute (“NYFI”)

“NYFI” offers courses in filmmaking, digital filmmaking, acting, cinematography, broadcast journalism, documentary filming, producing for film and television, digital film editing, photography, 3D animation, game design, screen writing amongst others. Their hands on (practicals) from the first day through to the last is a weighty plus factor for them, and people from different parts of the world converge there to learn. They are taught by the very best and located in New York, London, Italy, Abuja, China, Japan, Korea, Columbia and other areas.

Some of their ex- students have gone to make good films in Hollywood. Notable people and their relatives who have attended the institute include Steven Spielberg, Kevin Kline, Al pacino, Jamie foxx, pierce Brosnan amongst others. The use of latest Hi tech equipments is the hall mark of the institute. Flexible courses for various spheres are also available. Although the fees are expensive, nevertheless, the knowledge garnered at the end of the day and the ability to implement what one has been taught and infused into various projects embarked upon, resulting in outstanding work will compensate for that.

It’s certainly a great place to study the art and intricacies of film making. I’m not in the least bit surprised that our film makers and those who aspire to be such are trooping there.

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