The Trailer for ‘Virgin River’ Season 4 Reveals So Much Drama for Mel and Jack


Netflix finally released the trailer for the eagerly anticipated fourth season of Virgin River, and there’s so much to unpack! The hit drama returns on July 20, and fans will remember that season 3 left a lot hanging in the balance, from Jack and Mel’s relationship and the paternity of Mel’s baby to Brady’s arrest and Preacher’s disappearance.

But, according to the new trailer, there’s plenty of action in store for the new season. The 1:48 clip offers teasers about all of the mysteries we’ve been waiting to find out about, plus some new ones.

The questions surrounding Mel’s pregnancy take center stage, as expected. In the trailer, she is happy to be expecting a baby, but Jack is understandably concerned that he might not be the father. In fact, he drops a major truth bomb, admitting he can’t find out who the father of the baby is right now. “If we find out that Mark is the father, it could change how I feel about our baby,” he says to Mel.


If that wasn’t enough, Jack’s dad shows up and their strained relationship makes him question his own ability to be a parent, Preacher appears to be unscathed (whew!), and Jack seems to acknowledge Brady’s innocence. And Hope is back but is suffering from the injuries she sustained in a car accident. And to top it all off: Virgin River hosts a Medieval festival, complete with period costumes, and a handsome new doctor has come to town!

Fans hit the comments section to express their excitement:

  • “Omg….. so much in there… and so much handsomeness 😍❤️🔥”

  • “Mel dang it you always need space lol !! But I’m so excited ❤️”

  • “Oh Gosh! I’m freaking out now!! I need this season now! 🗣🗣🗣”

  • “OMG!!!!!! How can I wait 12 more days to see everything?!?!???”

  • “OMG!!!!! I can already tell that this is season is going to be stellar!!! Literally can’t wait!”

The wait is almost over! And, lucky for Virgin River fans, the show has already been renewed for a fifth season, so there’s much more to come.

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