A creative mind is a low budget filmmaker’s most valuable tool. The whole process of film making starts with an original thought. From there it is all about maintaining that thought until it grows to be a brilliant idea. After that it is a matter of getting that idea made into a movie using every ounce of energy and resources you can possibly muster up.

Most of the successful films that are shown at film festivals are movies that were made at a fraction of the cost that it takes to make a major Hollywood studio film. Hi tech equipment, mainly based on computer effects and possibilities in technology have made it so that just about anyone can make a movie. Film cameras, sound recording equipment, and just about any other kind of equipment that one needs to make a movie can be purchased at very affordable prices these days.

The film making equipment that is available these days can provide a very low budget movie with a production value and overall revenue, which might look like some famous director had something to do with the project. This professional appearance coupled with a unique story can help any film’s chances at being accepted into film festivals like Cannes, Toronto Film Festival or even obtain the Oscar!

Try as they might, the major Hollywood film studios will never have a monopoly on creativity. They spend far more than one million US dollars not only on film production, but also on marketing research, intending to figure out just what it is that the film-going audiences of the world look for when they go to the movies.

Despite all of this effort, they still have not developed a formula of success. The intentions and tastes of people who go to the movies are as hard to predict as an earthquake is. Because of this fact, the door is left wide open for creative minds of the world to enter the game. All they need to do is come up with a genuine idea that they can transform into a spectacular movie, enter their film in festivals like Sundance and then let the judges decide. While the big studios have tried to take over the film festival sphere in recent years, it is still the little creative minds with the small, yet unique films that are the winners in that realm.

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