In millennia that have passed, tiaras were used by both men and women of high status. It was an indication of their rank. During these modern times, except for members of royalty, it is more common for a woman to wear this type of headpiece, especially during her wedding.

It makes the bride feel more feminine and more stunning during her special day. Therefore it is of little wonder to find the same effect used during films. The use of tiaras in films has influenced how the media perceives this accessory as well as how the general public sees the people wearing them.

With the propagation of television sets after the 1930s, it had become much easier to influence the opinions of the public on a certain topic. Movies, cartoons and advertisements were visual, speeding up the process of influencing the public.

There are several instances where the media has used the symbolism of a tiara as being an elegant piece of jewelry. Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s film Roman Holiday was stunning and regal in her gown and tiara ensemble.

In the movie, Hepburn plays a princess who goes for a trip around town without informing anyone. Her look in the movie made her a trend-setter, influencing how other people viewed the use of tiaras. The movie itself was a success and seen as one of the most romantic films ever produced.

Other influences in the media include cartoons and superheroes. The heroine Wonder Woman was often depicted wearing a tiara on her head. It made her look both regal as well as commanding. More recently, the popular anime Sailormoon depicted its main heroine characters wearing tiaras on their heads.

The popularity of tiaras and its symbolism of royalty may have been influenced the most by showing the public images of members of nobility wearing them during weddings and other special events. With televisions, it was much easier to broadcast these images to a larger number of individuals in a shorter span of time.

Take for instance the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in 1981. Princess Diana looked spectacular wearing her wedding dress and tiara. That particular event alone was watched by over 750 million individuals around the world. The look she had that special day had cemented her place in the minds and hearts of several generations, influencing brides for several more generations to come.

Although the story of Princess Diana was a tragic one, it has not affected the influence of using a tiara, especially during weddings. Perhaps it was because of that wedding or the weddings of other members of royalty that has influenced the masses to demand for tiaras for their own weddings.

Using this elaborately designed headpiece, it simulated or made the illusion of becoming a princess or a member of royalty for even just one day of the bride’s entire life. As it has done in history, the popularity of tiaras may sometimes rise or fall depending on several factors, but the popularity of tiaras will continue to live on as it has done for centuries.

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