Ties – What Does Your Tie Say About You?


Today President Bush appeared in a dark suit (appropriate for a funeral) and a yellow-golden tie.

Was this combination, especially the tie, just by chance? President Bush had just lost control of the House and Senate in the United States, rendered him relatively powerless.

The choice of a yellow-golden tie was not by chance. He was making a statement in non-linguistic communication, the language of the ties.

The Message

Mr. Bush was saying to the entire world, “I may have lost the House and the Senate, but I am not surrendering! I am angry at what happened, and will stand my ground!”

The Language of the Ties

Watching the news on television one will see many world leaders, corporate presidents, and other important people wearing single color ties. They are speaking in the non-linguistic language of the ties.

A single color tie, worn on a white or light color shirt makes an instant statement.

The tie itself serves no purpose in dressing anyway, and is a fashion item imported from the 18th and 19th centuries.

However, as its worn today, it supports the neck and head visually, so you can use the tie to make a strong message to all who see you, just as Mr. Bush did.

Here are some basic colors worn, and the message they project:

o Red.

I am a fighter. I will not give up or give in. Don’t mess with me. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I am aggressive (as in energetic) and take the initiative. Watch out, I am ready for all!

o Dark Red (Bordeaux).

I am a thinker. I will mull over all I hear, and make a decision later. Do not underestimate me. I have the time to do things right. I am no one’s fool

o Vivid Blue.

Let’s work together. Let’s cooperate. Let’s work things out. I am ready to compromise if it will be constructive.

o Sky Blue.

Follow me and my dream. I will lead you in the right direction. I have hope in the future and you will too, listen to my message.

o Marine Blue.

I am not in the mood for foolishness. Be serious when you are around me. Do not waste my time.

o Yellow.

I am angry. Do you really want to take me on? I am ready to fight.

o Gold.

I am not a quitter. I will finish what I started.

o Purple (Mauve).

I am the teacher. You will listen to what I have to say. I know what you need to know and will impart that information to you.

Color Combinations – Design of Ties

Not everyone is consciously sending you messages by wearing ties.

World leaders and movers and shakers who are filmed by the press and are in the news know they must make statements.

The guy next to you at work may not have the same idea.

The color combinations and tie designs however are chosen by people in an unconscious manner.

When they wear them however, they have made some choice.

If their color combinations are predominantly in any of the colors above, they are making the same statements, or appropriately so.

Consider the color of the guy’s tie (predominant) and design. If they are confusing, he may be confused. If they are wild, you can guess his mood fairly well.

Take time and analyze the tie, and then interpret the message. There is a very strong message to make in the language of the ties.

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