TMRW TV launched their first episode with us last week. Now, they are following up with their second episode, this time featuring the artist and musician Lie Ning. The creators of the show described their collaboration as an immensely gratifying experience: “We were so thankful for the trust that Lie Ning had given us. He just went with the flow and didn’t question our creative decisions even once. He’s just so confident, humble and kind – an absolute dream of a guest and also simply a perfect match for the show.”

GUEST  @lie__ning // HOST @divinakuan

“His purpose in creating art is very much aligned with the objectives of Tmrw TV: to give a community a voice, a platform, to elevate each other and to offer moments of relief and warmth. We talk about this in the show as well. That one part of political activism is also to offer safe spaces, to give those who experience violence on a daily basis simply by existing a moment of rest. That this is not the most obvious political action, has become obvious to Lie Ning in his career already early on. And that’s mostly due to the fact that the mainstream reception and media are still framed by the most privileged of our society, those who distribute praise unevenly, rewarding those most who have the least struggles and thus feeding back into the system. Lie Ning brings up an example in his interview which illustrates this quite vividly.”

Lie Ning on his part followed up with the Tmrw TV team, checking in on the progress and post-production of the shoot and kept emphasizing that he loved the whole experience of shooting with the Tmrw TV team, counting it as one of his favourite shoots he had done that year. The Tmrw TV team humbled: “Coming from someone like Lie Ning who, is in such high demand and constantly on shoots, tours, events that is a massive compliment to us.”

Sounds like a mutual love was born out of the production of the second episode. And indeed, a lot of new collaborations grew out of the Tmrw TV production: Lie Ning is currently in pre-production for a music video with Diara, who was a camera operator on TTV, K.ZIA and Divina co-directed her latest music video together and a lot of crew members went on to work together on art and film projects. Some even fell in love and are dating since the production… “a must on every good film production” according to the creators of the show: Every film set needs love to make the production successful, Aside from a small dose of luck, and the film spirits being well disposed to the project, every film set needs love to make a production successful. And we had every kind and nuance of love.”

More of Lie Ning’s gorgeousness here, and the Tmrw Team will keep serving you satisfying awkwardness on their Youtube and IG channels.


The TMRW Team consists of Gavin Youngs, Divina Kuan, Francy Fabritz, Jake Flowers and Nadja Rothkirch.

Produced by dffb and funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.

CREATIVE DIRECTION – Divina Kuan, Francy Fabritz, Gavin Youngs
PRODUCERS – Nadja Rothkirch, Divina Kuan, Jake Flowers
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT – Annemarie Krause, Jesus Fernandez de Castro
CAMERA OPERATOR – Gisela Günther, Diara Sow, Claudia Schröder, Ayşe Alacakaptan
1st ASSISTANT CAMERA – Clara Arasanz, Anouck Schmit, Nicole Medvecka, Victoria Rausch, Farrell Streitparth-Weber
GRIP – Annemarie Krause
LIGHTING & RIGGING – Thilda Kruschel
DIT – Théo Perrot
STILLS PHOTOGRAPHY – Andrew Burford, Dennis Haase

ART DIRECTOR – Gavin Youngs
SET DESIGN – Fundbüro Design
ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT – Filipe Serro, Joan Ling-Li Cecil Nesbit-Chang, Meir Luger
PROPS MAKER – Julianne Konig
SET CONSTRUCTION – Mariano Guil, Tania Picado | CARPENTER Martin Kaltofen
SET BUILDER – Armando Perez Gonzalez, Pex (Marie) Schomerus, Younggeun Kim
SCULPTURES – Zbigniew Podgórski, porcelain from the collection „Shell X”

STYLING – Clara Miramon, Soji Solarin | STYLING ASSISTANT Ruby Wilson
DESIGNER – ROMBAUT, fomme (Sarah Effenberger), Mainline:RUS/Fr.CA/DE, Julia Seemann, Clara Colette Miramon, Florian Máthé, Ania Marincek, Don Aretino, Klara Pichler, Laura Gerte, Felipe Asan Escobar

MAKE-UP – Jasmin Arnold, Mby Randrianantenaina, Christian Brändlin
HAIR STYLIST – Garik Badaljan
EDITOR – Théo Perrot, Gavin Youngs, Divina Kuan
MUSIC – Mobile Girl
SOUND DESIGN – Alexandra Praet, Alexander Badham
SOUND MIXING – Lorenz Fischer
TITLES – Alessandro Bonavita, Juan Saez, Marco Lizama
GRAPHIC DESIGN – Alessandro Bonavita
COLOURIST – Sarah Salzmann

SET RUNNER – Aaron Nicolas, Marie Golüke
ARTIST CARE – Austin Fagan
DRIVERS – Andrea Rama, Marie Golüke

Kim Roi, Anastasija Lösslein, Julia Johanning, Juan Pablo Castro, Anna Pietrek, Daniel Klein, Marusha Uhle, Leopoldo Oscar, Tinoco Durán, Megan Lally, Jonatas Furtado Amaral, Rafael Rosariu, Anastasia Krylov

LIGHT + CAMERA RENTAL – See You Rent, Dino.Berlin, Licht Forum,Phillip Kaminiak
OFFICES – Hallesches Haus, Michelle Casciolo
LOCATIONS – SchwuZ, Christian P. Merean


PRODUCER – German Film & Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
FUNDING BY – Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

Performed by Peer Leining-Ewert
Composed by Peer Liening-Ewert, Florian Liewald
Text by Peer Liening-Ewert
Produced by Matthias Mania, Daniel Großmann
Published by: Styleheads GmbH, Budde, Edition Gourmet Songs / We Publish Music GmbH & CO KG


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