The art of narrating a story is a true indication of the creativity of a person. Indian stories are full of drama and excitement. There are tales about animals, about lost kingdoms, of demons and the traditional festivals. India is a land of ceremonies where rituals in every religion form the intrinsic part of living. The old grandma stories are very much transcending form generations to generations and we cannot stop marveling how very they remain intact with their moral values.

Indian dramas in the earlier days were performed with males dressing up as females. There was lot of melodrama and the story line was based on folk tales or Hindu mythology. The story of Ramayana is full of intrigue and several morals which kids love to know. The naughty acts of Krishna and yet the mystical judgment he poses on his devotees is loved by people of all ages. The Bhagwata has a complete interplay of emotions and many stories from there can be broken into short stories.

Reading Indian stories from a book is incomplete without adding a bit of drama and using a baritone or mimicking the animal cries. Kids love to relate to such happenings better and hence the story remains in their memory for a long time. Read aloud stories are also appreciated by children who never seem tired of flipping the pages just before bed time. There is valor and patriotism in the stories of Shivaji Maharaj and Rani Lakshmibai.

Freedom struggle of India is again interesting because they are based on pure facts. It is nice to know the sacrifices of individuals and there is more opportunity to learn about the achievements of our national heroes who made their mark to get India freed from rule of British monarchs. The life of Gandhiji or the poems of Tagore is found in leading bookstores that can be a cherished gift for a person who values Indian patriotic stories.

The story of Asoka, the mighty warrior king and his salvation is a heart warming story and talks about valor, aggression and surrender of a person to achieve happiness ultimately. The success story of legends is another inspirational subject. There are simple stories of animals and birds that possess human qualities and go on to depict a moral story. Many new age writers or story tellers also are churning out new stories with inclination towards science fiction, exploration and expeditions. Autobiographies are also a part of Indian stories and serve the interest of specific readers.

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