What’s the Number 13 Reason You Can’t Find Love?


There are many myths that surround love relationships. Number 13 is a big myth. The 13th reason you can’t find love is because you believe relationships take hard work. There is a French philosopher by the name of Jean Paul Sartre. He said once you believe something is true, you will go out of your way to prove your belief is right.

Imagine. If you believe relationships take hard work, what will you do to prove you are right? You might push your significant other’s buttons to cause unnecessary conflict in the relationship. Then you can make the claim you are only human and no one is perfect. The fact of the matter you are simply being childish. In other cases, you may have come from a dysfunctional environment. Whenever things are going great, you get uncomfortable. So you add a little drama to keep you in your comfort zone because no drama means something is wrong. Drama and dysfunction are normal to you.

Also, if you have no training in relationships or human behavior, you may not be very competent in relationships. You will play trial and error. In that scenario, you will experience many mistakes. You will believe this is just a normal part of life. Somehow we believe that is normal.

Let’s look from another perspective. If you enter any profession with zero training, you will find that job to be hard work. You will have to learn the job and the skills and information at the same time. On the other hand, if you have the training, it will be a lot easier. You will only have to learn the nuances of that company.

Ultimately, people create their own self fulfilling prophecies. If you believe relationships are easy, you will be prepared for the person who is compatible with you. If you believe they are hard, you will choose a person that helps you be right about that belief. What a life. Which will you choose?

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