What’s the Number 23 Reason You Can’t Find Love?


The number 23 reason is something that is popularly known. You might wonder why I did not already mention it. The #23 reason you can’t find love is because you love drama.

I have met people who appear to love drama so much that I have told them they hate the idea of being happy. So they do everything possible to kill their happiness. When they are successful at killing their own happiness, they are upset because they are happy they were successful at killing their happiness. Now they are upset because they are now happy and they will have to do something to ensure their own unhappiness.

While that might sound like an insane way to live, some people appear to be living that exact strategy. They are already angry, sad, unhappy, etc.. They are just looking for a reason to express it. It makes you wonder what kind of mindset you have to have to live in such a way.

It seems people who grew up with drama at home will seek drama everywhere they go. Psychologists have something called repeating your childhood. That means the activities that occurred in your home when you were a child have become part of your life education. Because it is what you learned at a young age, it is likely you will repeat them in your life as an adult. If you think about it, if you only learned English at home as a child, it is the only language you know. So if drama is all you saw as a child, it is all you know. You might believe it is normal.

Some people get nervous when there is no drama. They will create some to keep them in their comfort zone. This is not malicious. It is all they know.

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