You Can Dance If You Want To – But This is a Book Review


So, you want to be a dancer do you? Wow, there is so much you must know to perform with the best, and only you will know if you are up for the test. Maybe you could use some inspiration that might help you achieve your dancing goals and dreams. If so, I’d sure like to recommend a very good book to you, one that opened my eyes to the world of dance like no other book has before:

“Dancing in the Light” by Shirley McClaine; Bantam Books, New York, NY; 1985.

Feel the patterns of organic energy dancing to enlightenment, choose a style and let yourself go, do it for you and no one else. Master the art of dance, by dancing with the creator, dance in the center and not the fringe, feel the light, feel what is right, let emotion and mind flow through you and create. Yes, this is a wonderful book for the dancer in you. Allowing you to effortlessly feel the raw emotion and energy of all that is, this is a book you cannot put down, except when you dance.

Shirley McClaine captures your imagination and respect, shows you how to dance on stage in the light, without considering the crowds or the fact they are even there at all. On broadway or for film Shirley McClaine brings light to reason and dance to the stage, join her in this journey of feeling and intrigue in Dancing in the Light. Boy, I sure recommend this book to anyone interested in dance, it’s a must read.

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