4 Great Pakistani Dramas to Watch in the Autumn of 2014


Whether you want to enjoy high-quality entertainment or simply to relax in the comfort of your home, the Pakistani dramas can be the perfect companions. You can select from a wide range of shows with unique and intriguing plots. In 2013, the industry did not perform as well as everyone expected and did not deliver any true masterpieces. The situation in 2014 is much better, however. Check out some of the best series which you can watch in the autumn of this year.

Aap Ki Kaneez

This show certainly falls into the category of classic Pakistani dramas which are focused on romance. It tells the story of a beautiful young woman, Kaneez. She is married to a man who is still in love with his late wife. Kaneez has to make many sacrifices in order to gain the respect of the members of her new family and to win the love of her husband. This show boasts with great actors and plot, which will keep you glued to the TV set every time when it is aired. The costumes and setting are absolutely beautiful.

Malika E Aliya

You are guaranteed to get good entertainment with this TV series. It is about Malika E Aliya whose goal is to marry a man from a wealthy family. She is chosen to marry a man who has lost his wife and pulls a great act to convince everyone that she has the middle-class virtues which are required from a woman in her position. Will she succeed in her quest for becoming the sole owner of her new family’s wealth? You need to watch the show to find out.

Ladoon Mein Palli

This is another classic story of true love and the fight to keep it. Laraib is a girl who is gifted with great beauty and a lovely character. She is adored by everyone around her. She finds her true love in the face of Wahaj and marries him. Instead of living happily ever after, Laraib gets a dangerous enemy. This is Bishma who has been in love with Wahaj all her life. Bishma is determined to do anything to make the life of Laraib a living hell. This Pakistani drama is full of twists and turns and many memorable moments. It is totally worth watching.

Susral Mera

This show has a great mix of everything which you want to see in a drama. It portrays how wealth and the struggle for it affects people and the way in which they treat each other. It is about relationships which are based on lies and deceit. If you want to see the dark side of people and families, this is certainly one of the Pakistani dramas to include on your list. Some of the stars which you will see in this new show are Behroz Sabzwari and Umair Lagari. The story will keep you intrigued to the very end. You would not want to miss an episode.

It is time to get comfortably sitting in your armchair and to watch these captivating Pakistani dramas.

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