How to Dance – The Five Secrets to Learning How to Dance Salsa


Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance salsa? In this article I am going to reveal the five little know secrets that will help you to learn salsa. Salsa dance is not the most difficult dance to master, but it might still feel like an overwhelming task when you are just starting out.

The Secret # 1 – Set Your Intention

Whatever you want to accomplish in life, the number one secret to achieving it is to always first setting your intentions. This is no different in learning how to dance salsa. In fact, there have been entire books written just in the importance of setting your intentions.

Simply start with the end in your mind. Decide to master salsa and you will. After all nothing really happens until you make a firm commitment to yourself. Make up your mind to learn salsa today.

The Secret # 2 – Visualize

After you have sat your intentions on learning how to dance salsa, visualize yourself mastering salsa with ease. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself dancing salsa skillfully and beautifully. Visualization is very powerful for one simple reason: it really works.

Not only see yourself dancing like the pros, but feel how easy and effortless it is for you to master the dance.

The Secret # 3 – Believe In Yourself

As you do the above visualization exercise you might feel like it is silly. Or you might start to have self-limiting thoughts like “I can’t never really learn how to dance salsa” or “I just won’t ever became good so why even bother”. Don’t let yourself believe in your own self criticism and hate.

Most of the time we are our own worst enemy. In fact, did you read the secret # 2 and think, you just could not see yourself dancing like some of the best dancers in the world? Be honest. If you did, you are not alone. But remember that you are in control. Simply fool your brain and yourself. Try it.

The Secret # 4 – Practice, Practice, Practice

After you have sat your intention, visualized your success firmly believing that you can become a great dancer you are already half way to there. Now the only thing that is left is to pick up your dance shoes and get to a dance studio or a salsa club and to get some practice. Pick up or order a salsa DVD, schedule a private lesson with an instructor, or just show up at salsa class somewhere.

The best way to learn to salsa is to practice. When you have learned a move, some dance steps or salsa pattern, simply continue to practice until you have mastered the steps or pattern. If it is simple steps you are learning just put on some salsa music at your home and dance to them as you are doing some daily chores. Or continue to dance with others and practice the patterns you just learned at the club after the class.

The Secret # 5 – Go Back And Repeat These Steps Often

You don’t want set your intentions only once and forget them. There might come times when you might feel like giving up. You might even feel like salsa is just too hard. But this is not true. I promise, anyone can learn it.

It just takes time and discipline like achieving any worthy goal in life. So continue to revisit your intentions at times. You might even find that it was much easier than you thought, in which case you might even want to set your intentions higher, to join a professional dance team, or to find a dedicated dance partner.

The key is, like in salsa, to repeat these steps often and you will be dancing in no time. And there you have it, your five secrets to learning how to dance salsa. I hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

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