Movies – Generating New Film Concepts from Existing Movies – 2


The Departed (2006)

Giant (1956)

Traffic (2000)

Manhattan (1979)

Departed-meets-Giant: A police informer moves out to Texas under federal witness protection program and sets up a ranch in the middle of nowhere, right next to the Mexican border. Soon, another rancher sets up business right next door. The newcomer is another implant from the East – but he is a notorious contract killer in disguise looking for the informer. They do not know each other’s true identities… yet. Soon they meet and start to visit each other’s ranch house and one of them falls in love with the other’s wife. Something she does sparks off a chain of events all the way down the wire, leading to the bloody final scene where no justice is served and all go to their graves with their secrets.

Manhattan-meets-Traffic: A neurotic and starving NYC writer starts to act as a drug courier to meet ends meet. His life changes when one day he delivers drugs to a Christmas party attended by New York’s richest politician and his young and beautiful daughter. Although he makes a lot of money supplying drugs to the girl soon his remorse and guilt for slowly killing the girl that he loves is just too much to bear. He tries to enroll her in a rehab program. She justifies the expenses to her dad as an art degree program in London. But when her dad is suddenly arrested for running the largest drug ring in history, both our hero and his teenage lover realize that the dad is actually the one who is supplying the drugs to both of them. Now our hero must decide between owning up to his love and fighting it out to the end to save her or moving out to his brother’s home in Wyoming to run his winter sports resort. The girl also has a choice to make – will she stick with the our hero and begin a new life or side with her father to the very end?


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