Three Major Types of Art That You Should Add to Your Collection

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Poetry and art, music and melodies are testaments to someone who, despite adversity, was ruled by optimism. All work is based on the belief that grief will be over one day. All art is the result of humanity triumphing over life. All art is the result of humankind triumphing over life.

There would be no art without suffering. Connecting with new individuals through art is joy. Visiting museums and art galleries to admire the works of art. Make art for your loved ones. Purchasing the work of others. It’s a lot easier today to buy modern art online. Art is undoubtedly significant in one’s life.

If you enjoy art, you won’t want to miss out on the top-tier forms of art listed here.

Pieces of art you can buy online and store in your homes 

Some people might want to buy modern art online. But there are traditional art pieces spread across India that evoke awe and wonder. Let’s check them out. 

Kalighat Painting

Kalighat painting is a traditional Indian art genre that originated in the colonial setting of Kolkata in the nineteenth century. These are well-known Maa Kaali signs. The Kalighat artists did not limit themselves to religious themes; their work includes a wide range of subjects drawn from society. The Kalighat Kaali temple, where the paintings originated, is named after this classical painting technique.

Traditionally, local painters hand-painted on a piece of cloth and, later, machine-produced paper to be taken away as souvenirs for visitors to the Kalighat shrine. Hindu deities and mythological figures were depicted in these great paintings, which subsequently evolved into covering socio-political topics. This art style is distinguished by its clean visual rhythm, vivid, opaque colours, and bold lines.

Madhubani Art

 Madhubani Art, also known as Mithila Paintings, is a form of Indian folk painting popular in India and Nepal’s Mithila area. It was named after the Madhubani area of Bihar, India, where it first appeared among women. This is a simple style that is both lovely and interesting. Madhubani paintings show society’s simplicity and sensitivity in a beautiful way.

This type of traditional Indian art was initially painted on walls and was primarily done by women. The paintings are a reflection of the socio-cultural environment in rural Bihar and have acted as a powerful medium of expression for the women. With its exquisite graphics, the eye-catching art style never fails to impress everyone. One single painting necessitates a significant amount of labour, time, and attention on the part of the artists. Madhubani is a popular Indian craft.

Tanjore Art

The Thanjavur Nayaks of the Vijayanagar kingdom in Tamil Nadu brought Tanjore Art in the 16th century. Intricate design with diamonds, pearls, and cut glass creates rich looking art on a hardwood plank. The majority of it is dedicated to Gods and Goddesses. The paintings are enthralling. Patience is essential for learning, practising, and producing Tanjore paintings. Gold sheets were pounded and inlaid with precious stones in the original Tanjore paintings. 

As a result, Tanjore art is one of the most complicated types of art. Golden Hues is a collection of one-of-a-kind and colourful art. Telugu people’s aesthetic sensibilities have evolved from Tanjore Paintings through Chandamma Kathulu to Telugu films. Tanjore art is influenced by Maratha and Deccani art and European culture. The paintings are well-known for their long history. Tanjore’s central theme has always been religion. It demonstrates the beauty and honesty of devotion to the Lord. 

As India pursued independence, Jamini Roy established the modern Indian art genre by looking east and modernising traditional Indian art. The art of India is incredibly diverse. It’s a mash-up of numerous cultures shaped by millennia of history. Many works of Indian art are centred on religious or political themes. These works of art reveal the history of Indian folk paintings, architecture, and sculptures and how they evolved in response to the socio-political forces of the period in which they were created.

Where can you purchase these works of art?

Most artists desire to open their art studio or handicraft shop. You’ll need to collect the finest works of art to do so because there can’t be an art studio without art. Without art, an ideal home is likewise incomplete. Traditional paintings, modern art, or printed or framed pieces of art can be hung on the walls to give your home/apartment a fresh new look.

However, locating modern art, sculptures, and paintings is a challenging endeavour. You may not be able to discover these forms of artwork in your local handicraft shops or any art galleries.

But don’t worry; there are plenty of art and craft sites for you to buy modern art online. Paintings that are both gorgeous and expertly executed are accessible online. You can buy sculpture online at any time.

The Internet has everything, from the history of Indian art to the various forms that are popular in India. Artshoppy is one of the most trustworthy places to buy photographs online. This online art gallery cum art store continues to work towards its mission of supporting and promoting Indian classic folk art around the world. Because buying art has become more accessible thanks to the Internet, you can enjoy the pleasure of ordering your next print directly from a website.


With the advent of the Internet, everything has become more accessible. However, when you want to buy modern art online, you must never forget to check if the art form is original, if it has the artist’s signature on it and whether or not it is a duplicate copy.

Online galleries cum art stores like Artshoppy always deliver genuine products, and for every art lover who decides to go on an Internet shopping spree, these online sites are no less than a delight to the eyes!